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Visualization means the process of creating a virtual model which is assigned with a belonging material in corresponding conditions of lighting and other effects.


Pixel lab d.o.o. visualizes everything which can virtually be visualized. We present the look of a project finalized with the materials, surroundings and conditions which you designate. Architects, project bureaus, designers, machinists, advertising agencies and many others are using 3d visualization for presenting their product to clients, and for accentuating and highlight the attractive elements which can draw the final user.

 We make the 3d visualization according to reference photographs, sketches, blueprints or technical drawings made in your favorite CAD program.


Photorealistic visualization

We fit your facility or a model on an already existing location, so you can see it interact with its surroundings. Background image can be a photo of the location scheduled for the construction of your project.

Laser Scanning Modeling

Areas, models, different objects may be scanned by specialized devices-scanners. Scanners analyze real objects and areas and pass information about their characteristics (shape, size, color ...).
Example, shown below, illustrates the process of creating digital model from the data (Points Cloud) obtained by laser scanning.

Point Cloud Image

1. Points Cloud
- Information obtained by
laser scanning

Raw Scan Mesh

2. Raw Mesh
- model generated directly
from the Points Cloud

Edited Mesh

3. Edited model
- reduced and
retopologized model

Final Textured Model

4. Final model
- textured model

HDR photos

 HDR - high dynamic range ili HDRi - high dynamic range images.It refers to a range between the darkest and brightest point obtained by photographing the same scene in several (at least three) different exposure settings. By special software (Photomatix), photos are combined into one. These days HDR images are standard in the 3D visualization. In the 3D virtual scene they are most commonly secondary or primary source of light, reflection, background, etc.


3D visualization examples

3d vizualizacija - eksterijer
More examples can be seen on our social profiles page.